Humans are an integral part of this living planet. I say living planet because the planet is truly alive! It moves, makes mountains, rifts mountains to make river valleys, helps life thrive, and most importantly creates conditions for evolution to take place constantly.

In ancient times, the people had recognized this fact that we humans are a small integral part of this cosmos. But they also recognized that however small, we do play a significant role on this planet we call home. In earlier days, people were more connected with nature. They used all needed from nature and allowed the resource to “refill” itself. Since they were so connected with nature, they had a lot of empathy towards other living beings. As time went by, things changed. People wanted resources for their greed rather than need.

This has resulted in so much chaos around that we don’t know what we are doing and why. Nowadays, we are hardly in touch with nature. This has resulted in a rather sad state of being for humans. We have not realized that nature is not only around us… IT IS US!! By connecting to the outside of nature, we maintain a balance of our inner nature. Since we lost most connect with the outside of nature, our inner nature is in chaos.

All of us are looking for a way out, and approval, an accolade. This can happen only when we go way in, approve of ourselves and pat ourselves on the back, smile, and say “good work done today!”

We must reconnect back with our inside nature. If you think that’s too much of a task, at least connect with the outside nature. This way, we will find an alternate route to your inner peace and happiness.

Connecting with nature has these guaranteed effects and outcomes –

  1. Inner peace and less confusion
  2. Empathy and compassion along with patience
  3. Calm, connected but not attached to the surroundings
  4. Exploratory and adventurous
  5. Find sustainable answers and solutions to problems
  6. Better evolved and more learned, thus better equipped for living.

When we connect with nature, our learning increases tenfold. When our learning increases then education is very easy. Since there is so much learning, teaching automatically comes down. Mentoring becomes important at this point in time and just like Mother Nature; all we have to do is give clues and point others in the right direction.

Join us in learning more about how to reconnect with your inner and your outer nature. Click here for details. See you soon!!