The Invisible Link


“The Invisible Link” is an introduction to an integrated perspective of learning and teaching. It talks about subjects studied in school or college and how they are all interconnected. The journey starts with us, having basic inborn abilities like keen observation skills and the urge to explore the unknown. From there, it continues to each individual subject and how they link up with others. It is centered on biology; while the links provided, ranging from the sciences, math, geography, humanities, economics, business, art to Indian culture.

The book also touches upon how these subjects can be observed within nature, where we can find them integrated and applied. Along with this, the book takes a few examples of people in history who have seen these links, learned and applied the concepts in their daily lives.

An important aspect touched upon is the art of balancing integration and differentiation of subjects while learning and teaching. Overall, the book is written in simple language and caters to all sections of society.

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