At some point in our “education” we learn about atoms, atomic structures, electrons and the like. As we progress we learn the same in chemistry – learn that everything around us is made up of atoms and in physics – just that we learn about the energy aspect of it. After further progression in education we see that there is a lot of physics involved while studying planetary systems and stars.

During this whole time of growing up, topics, ideas, explanations and a select certain scientific views have been divided, broken down and fed to us in miniscule bits so that we assimilate them easily. This matter or knowledge as we call it is obviously of gargantuan proportions and splitting it up into smaller more divided –but easy to assimilate spoonful is inevitable. Over the years, many civilizations that have risen to their epitome have done this – splitting and dividing information, feeding little by little to the forthcoming generations and of course observing and discovering new part of the cosmos of knowledge on the way. Many of them have given us answers to many of the cosmological and microscopical queries as to WHAT occurs – but somewhere they fall short of explaining just as to HOW they occur and WHY.

Larger picture – the actual picture of our world:

Since those times, people have been discovering new things across the globe and the cosmos as well. This plethora of knowledge slowly trickled into the education system over the world. According to the age of the child, grades were made and with these grades the amount of knowledge was divided into subjects and so forth. Over the years, this division sank in like a stone in water. Unfortunately, it sank and sat there at the bottom – no one to care about it, no one to bother moving it. After all these years, people split subjects, topics, ideas, etc more and more till today where in if you observe carefully, we seem to be splitting a bit too much.

Not in all these years of “education”, “progress” and “development” have we thought of looking at all the splitting up as a larger picture. We have managed to split up topics like chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics amongst others for our understanding but failed to put them back together after and see the larger picture – the actual picture of our world, of the cosmos.

Till recently we had gone up to the point of trying to figure out how a certain chemical works, or how an element responds to certain conditions, but have not thought about how it would affect other things around it – including biological systems and cosmological systems. It is only of late that we have been thinking of dividing to understand and integrating to understand better.

I would like to give a simple example –


All elements of an atom

  1. Consider an atom – we all know an atom consists of the central part (aka protons and neutrons) and the outer part (aka electrons). We know for a fact that the electrons move around the protons and the neutrons in what are called Orbitals. During the time of discovery, these electrons were given a specific orbital depending on its energy levels and its distance from the centre. Something like a hydrogen atom has only one electron around the atom while carbon has four. But, as years passed, scientists discovered that the electrons are not only that one or four in number but many more in-between and they do not move around in specified orbitals. They are now called as electron clouds.

The name comes up as any one electron cannot be located by us at any given point of time. They move around the atom with a particular velocity due to the forces of attraction (and gravity) and the forces of repulsion acting upon it in a particular proportion. This is what happens in the smallest thing known to man!

  1. Now consider a planetary system or a solar system – central sun, planets moving around the sun in orbits, moons orbiting around the planets in their own orbits, and this whole solar system moving around in its own orbit around the spiral arms of the Milky Way around a central mass. They also have matter in between the spaces that cannot be seen.

Consider the larger body – black holes – planets, light, matter everything orbiting the central black hole. They also spew matter and heat out, including a stream of electrons. Hence, an electron cloud around the black hole.

Find anything intriguing, interesting or even mind boggling? Yup – you saw it right! They all have the same thing in common.  Mass in the centre- mass moving around it – orbits and orbitals – electron clouds – energy spewed all over – mostly invisible stuff floating about ! Well, the atomic structure and the galactic structures have a lot more in common than we think they have – they are linked – the galactic structures are made up of the atomic structures, the working is more or less the same, the energy levels raised by tens of thousands fold. This brings me to prompt people to rethink on these points.

Think of it this way – the atoms and the cosmos are linked and interlinked in ways more than we have ever comprehended. Then what makes us humans think we are separate from the world? We must remember that we are an integral part of this cosmos. When the smallest and the largest things existing in this space are interlinked, are not the other intermediate things interlinked? Even by means of evolution we are last of the species that came up on earth – how can we behave that we are the oldest and a “non entity” in this intricate web? Are we not fooling ourselves and in turn bringing our very existence to a dead end by doing so?

Another point to remember – there is an old saying “seeing is believing”. We all have heard of this and followed this all these years. It is high time we stopped following this and believing in it all the time. There are many things that exist but cannot be seen, while others are not what they seem to be.


So, since there is a whole new world opening to us on earth and elsewhere, we must go beyond certain conventional beliefs and attitudes and evolve! We should really stop diverging because of our differences and converge because of our similarities. All living beings can coexist and evolve together but, only we humans have the choice to actually facilitate it. What is the choice you are going to make??