While we are celebrating friendship day with our closest of people on the 4th of August, every year, we tend to forget that the whole cosmos is filled with close and very close friends too! How is it possible? Only humans can have friends? Friendship was invented by humans… well the calendar day was certainly… so how can friendship occur across the cosmos?

The answer is quite simple actually. All we need to do is observe. Here are some of the friendships I could see that surpasses our own timeline by a million or even a billion years!

Matter – We study it as Chemistry.

  1. Salt – Sodium and chlorine, calcium, carbon and oxygen, magnesium and chlorine etc. have been having a long and strong friendship from ages.
  2. Water – Hydrogen and oxygen have the most fluid friendship in the cosmos, I feel.
  3. Methane – carbon and hydrogen have such a strong friendship that they raise the temperature of other molecules around them with jealousy.
  4. Carbon dioxide – the carbon and oxygen friendship overshadows all other friendships like a dark cloud, and some living beings grow better in their presence too!


Life – we study it through Biology

  1. Lactobacillus and E.Coli – In our intestines, we have 2 of the most prominent bacteria that go back a long way when it comes to friendship. These two have been helping us and each other digest food since the time we are born. 
  2. Liver and Pancreas cells – the hepatocytes of the liver and the alpha/beta cells from the pancreas have been working together since our body’s inception. They provide alkaline chemicals that work better in combination in the intestines. Without these two friends, we would not be able to digest most of our meals.


Energy particles – We study it through Physics

  1. Protons, neutrons and electrons – The friendship of these three particles are the reason we are all alive and kicking! Need I say more?


Terrain / Land forms – 

  1. Mountains and the clouds – Thanks to these friends meeting up at least once a year, we have rivers and of course the monsoon season! Spreading their joy by bringing relief to the land and its inhabitants, I’d say.
  2. Mangroves and the beach – Thanks to the friendship between the mangroves and the beaches across the world, a large diversity of living beings are maintained while the loony hurricanes are kept at bay.


Business as usual –

  1. Trees and Fungi – A partnership / friendship that these two share, we humans should learn a thing or two. Always there for each other, through thick and thin. Fungi help in tree to tree communication as well as sending food across to little saplings. The fungi are THAT bestie who knows your crushes, breakups and helps you out looking after your children as well! As a business partner, the fungi act as the sole distributor, security agency and vendor as well. 


There are a lot more friendships like these that can be seen across the world and the cosmos. Keep a look out, acknowledge and appreciate the cosmological friends around you!