Vishnupriya Hathwar

Vishnupriya Hathwar is our creative head, integration expert, and the glue that holds everything and everybody together. A naturalist, an educator, and an author, he has had a deep connection with nature since his childhood. He believes in working with nature rather than away from it or against it. He has recently published a book on the importance of holistic education called The Invisible Link in which all the illustrations in the book are by him. He is the editor in chief of Incredible Educators blog site, where he interviews change-makers and pioneers of the education industry. He is also a consultant for the lake restoration and conservation of the Puttenahalli Lake in South Bangalore. He has been the editor for the biannual newsletter “Ripples – spreading the change” for the lake. He has organized several educational and nature-based local and national events in the past 8 years. He has rendered his services in different sectors over 13 years: 

  1. The Tourism sector,
  2. Wildlife Research sector
  3. Environment Education sector
  4. Academic Education sector 

He is working with children and educational institutes in a manner to include the holistic and nature based learning to the educational system.

Speaks: Kannada, English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil

Teaches: Everything under the sun! He teaches every aspect in an integrated manner.


Our Associates and Advisory Board


The Humanity Express team is a strong team of educators, naturalists, counselors, trainers and facilitators and authors in different fields to aid students and teachers to follow a holistic approach to learning and teaching. There are many more wonderful people (across the world) we collaborate with, to make learning fun and lives better.


Bhargav is an expert in mathematics and history. His travels across the Indian subcontinent have allowed him to integrate history and mathematics in a very different way. He is our destination, History and Mathematics Integration guru!

Vikram Sridhar

Vikram is a lively storyteller who connects you with everything from food to fun, history to the present, grandparents to children. He is our storybook, encyclopedia, and fun master all in one!


Imran is a wildlife researcher. All programs and progress are thoroughly checked by him for being scientifically sound before they go out. He is our idea-generating infinite library.


Madhu is a student of Psychology. She is our intern and helps us with the creative aspects of our programs. She is everything from a silent observer to a maverick artist.

Dr. CV Chalapathi Rao

He is one of our Advisory board members. He is presently working on several Environmental Projects all over India and Working on several Socio-Environmental projects , With several NGOs on Social Projects mainly deal with Special Children, Women Education and Empowerment

Lalitha Murthy

Lalitha Murthy is a dynamic personality with high qualifications in diverse fields. With work experience of over 40 years in different capacities and organizations, she is our counsellor, emotional support and a part of our advisory board.