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Our Mission 

 Our mission is to take you on an immersive journey, where you transform your learning experiences in the most natural way.

 Our mission is to take you on an immersive journey, where you transform your learning experiences in the most natural way.

Our Team


We are a diverse group of young and dynamic people who share the common zeal and passion for nature, self-development and education.

What we do?

Collaborate with schools, colleges and parents on integrated and natural learning methods. This is done through workshops, mentoring sessions, webinars, courses and trips.

Workshop for Teachers

Enhance child and teacher learning efficiency through integrated and natural learning . This is both offline and online. The learning is fortified with 3 overnight trips. This is for one academic year.

Workshop for Parents

We have short courses and mentoring sessions for parents and children. This is both offline and online. Courses can range from 2 months to 4 months and runs throughout the year.

Trips and Camps

We conduct regular experiential learning trips for schools as well as individuals. These trips come with certain workshops of their own. They are 3-4 days throughout the year and extendable up to 7-8 days in the summer/ winter holidays.



  • Providing experiential and integrated learning methods to schools.
  • Enhancing personal skills, reduce stress, increase fun factor for teachers as well as students.
  • Make learning all inclusive and natural through mentoring sessions, customized teaching and learning materials.
  • Add massive value to the society through nature and education



  • Enhance learning and teaching abilities through integrated and natural approaches. 
  • Understand the applicability of subjects studied in their daily lives and how they are all interlinked with the natural world around them.
  • Bring participants from various academic backgrounds together and express themselves through art as well as science for the conservation of our natural resources. 
  • Participants can use our courses as a foundation to continue expression through art and for science in the future; either as a hobby or as a career.
  • Provide a platform where participants can collaborate and implement ideas in order to evolve into a better society. Also, provide a platform of mentors for participants who need it.

Target Audience

  Teachers – regular and alternative schools

Students – 4th grade and above

-Home-schooling parents and children


Our Testimonials

Vishnupriya – What a man! If one were to describe Vishnu in a single word, that word would be “passion”.  I’ve known this dynamic young fellow for a decade now. In these ten years, his passion for Nature has not diminished one bit, rather it has only increased with time.


SK Srinivas. MPharm

Birder, Wildlife Photographer, Bangalore, India.

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Vishnu is one guy who knows his stuff.  In my time, I’ve come across many self-styled naturalists, who talk a lot about the natural world but know nothing about it.

Not so with our Vishnu. Birds, butterflies, flora, or fauna, his technical knowledge is impressive. I’ve learned a lot from him, especially about birds. In fact, that’s how I first met him, ten years ago, during my first birding field trip to Tailor and Kokkrebellur.

Even at that young age, Vishnu was an expert on birds. He effortlessly spotted and identified all the 100-odd species we saw on that day.

His passion for the natural world and his deep knowledge of it, make Vishnu an ideal teacher.  Vishnu has always been a strong advocate of holistic learning, the integration of text-book knowledge with practical field experience.

His workshops for schoolchildren are immensely popular, as a result. With his dedication, profound expertise in all things natural and practical experience obtained from his hard work in forests across India, Vishnu is one naturalist who will definitely make a solid contribution to whichever endeavor he puts his mind to.

Vishnupriya Hathwar. May he grow from strength to strength.

I have special memories of the wonderful day I spent with Vishnu last August during a bird-watching trip down Mysore Road.

Prof. Ilana Belmaker, MD, MPH

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Beersheva, Israel

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Vishnu is an amazing person, combining an incredible knowledge of local birds with a deep appreciation of nature in all its aspects and a deep commitment to promoting the awareness of the public to the natural world.  He views educational programs as an important way to foster nature conservation, to the mutual benefit of both mankind and the natural world around us.

Vishnu loves to be able to share with others his thrill and excitement about the natural world.  This quality of his makes him the perfect person to run a program whose goal is to connect urban and rural people with the nature at their doorstep.

I am looking forward to meeting Vishnu again during my next trip to Bengaluru next February and to hear updates about The Humanity Express project to connect people and nature.

It was in 2014 that I meet Vishnu; he was our school trip host. At that time he was Vishnu sir. The journey with him from Vishnu sir to Vishnu has been marvelous.


Yuktha Chougule

Student (currently doing MBBS in Moscow, Russia), B.G.S National Public School, Bannerghatta Road

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There is no such place Vishnu can’t reach. From the tiny village to the puny corner of a big city in India, Vishnu knows it all. He was just our trips guide, our “live, offline, google maps” , my photography and wildlife teacher but now he is all I would want as a friend who is always ready to guide me. Well, if you want a friend like the one I have, you know where to find him.

As we started getting busy we meet less often. But he is still reliable and reachable at all points of time for me. I can call him and he will be there to meet me…just like they say “I am just a phone call away”…is true in case of him. All of us need a friend like him to listen to us, to show us the way, and to testify of truth to us.

Vishnu is now a important part of my life, not just as a friend but he is my teacher, my inspiration and most importantly a person who cares.


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