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Vishnupriya Hathwar

The Humanity Express Founder Vishnupriya Hathwar

Vishnupriya Hathwar is a very versatile person. He aims to bridge the gap between nature and education by bringing forth interlinks between the different parts of nature and mankind. He also sketches, paints, swims, treks and writes articles. He has recently published a book on the importance of holistic education called “The Invisible Link” in which all the illustrations in the book are by him.
He is also a consultant for the lake restoration and conservation of the Puttenahalli Lake in South Bangalore. He is the editor for the biannual newsletter “Ripples spreading the change” for the lake.
He writes short articles on the wonders of nature in a local community magazine called “Koteshwara Maagane
A naturalist, an educator and an author, he has had a deep connection with nature since his childhood. He believes in working with nature rather than away from it or against it.

He has rendered his services in different sectors over 10 years:

  • The Tourism sector.
  • Wildlife Research sector.
  • Environment Education sector, and
  • Academic Education sector

He is interested in working with children and educational institutes in a manner to include the holistic approach to the educational system.

Imran Patel

Imran is an excellent academician and an avid wildlife conservator. He has worked very closely with national and international organizations like the Government of India, Wildlife Conservation Society, USAID, and Tropical Rainforest Ecological Camp. He has also participated in a documentary shoot about the natural swamps in the Uttara Kannada District.

He is a graduate of Forestry and has actively participated in seminars and workshops of national and international standards. He has several scientific research papers in international publications as well.

He has given 6 years of his services to wildlife and its conservation and has worked with Wildlife Crime Control Bureau MoEFCC Government of India, WCS-India Program Bangalore, TREC, Karnataka Bio-Diversity Board, Amoghavarsha JS- a well-known wildlife filmmaker and conservationist, USAID, NSS for camps. Imran is an expert in his field and loves to impart the right knowledge and scientific techniques to the next generation through nature camps for semi-urban and rural schools in Uttara Kannada districts.

Image of Co-founder Imran Patel


Our Associates

The Humanity Express team is a strong team of educators, naturalists, counselors, trainers and facilitators and authors in different fields to aid students and teachers to follow a holistic approach to learning and teaching. There are many more wonderful people (across the world) we collaborate with, to make learning fun and lives better.